Exhibition Prints
​(2 prints given)
  8x10          $ 160.00
11x14             195.00
16x20             292.00
20x24             400.00                                         
Exhibition & Mural prints are our highest quality print.
Included: meeting with Chuck Kelton to discuss paper , concept, proofing (proofing for mural prints are printed on 20x24" paper).
All prints are archival and selenium toned for stability.
Spotting is charged at $ 50. per hour. 
​When ordering 10 or more of same image 1-5 are full price the balance is discounted 25%

Min. order:  3 prints of same image
$ 825.00 each. Total $ 2475.00
 (1 additional 20x24 "Proof"  given)
largest image size approx. 35
Additional mural prints ordered(same image, same time)
 $ 400.00 each
(proofing for mural prints are printed on 20x24" paper).

50 % deposit is required before beginning all exhibitions with the balance due upon completion. 

Please schedule all printing in advance if possible.
Exhibition printing require at least 6-8 weeks  turnaround time
​International shipping charge $ 25.00
Final Prints
(1 print given)
  8x10          $ 50.00
11x14             60.00

Final prints are good basic prints. Paper : Multi-grade cold tone
Prints are not archival
No print matching, rejecting , minimal spotting.
All work is COD
Turn around est.  1 week

Pro Prints   
(1 prints given, 2nd unspotted proof included )             
  8x10        $ 100.00         
11x14           120.00        
16x20           232.00        
20x24           324.00        

Pro prints are high quality ,archival,  selenium toned  
Included are paper choices
Spotting charged at $ 50. per hour.
Print layouts, print matching, extensive cropping =exhibition prints.
Toning for color change add 100% to the cost, selenium toning for color shift add 50% to cost.
Turnaround schedule determined at time of order
All orders larger than 5 prints require 50% deposit , balance due upon completion
Black and White Fiber Base Gelatin  Silver Prints

Prices as of March 2015
K E L T O N L A B S 
Black and White
Photographic Lab