Established  1988
by Chuck Kelton 
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Anolog Black and White Film Processing
K E L T O N   L A B S 
Black and White
Photographic Lab
N.J. 201-216-9063

Specialists in Gelatin Silver Printing
Kelton Labs
Mana Fine Arts Building
888 Newark Ave.# 417
Jersey City, N.J. 07306

Jersey City HOURS
Monday-Friday 10-6

As of July 30 Kelton Labs will no longer have an office at the Union Square location 
Our Jersey City Lab will be open as usual
We have arranged for a drop off location at
 Fotocare, 41 West 22nd Street
Please see details on our print download page, film download page, or location page
All are welcome to our Jersey City location at
 Mana Fine Arts 
Many of our clients mail or fedex work to us in Jersey City